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Over the years, Forbid Them Not has sought to meet the practical needs of missionaries working with orphans. Through "The Green Bean Project" we have provided textbooks, school supplies, fabric, clothing, and small financial gifts to schools in Kenya and two children's homes in Asia! A couple of years ago, we added FTN's local outreach to the project and last year saw it provide food, household items, a car battery, and school supplies for multiple fatherless families.

This year, the needs expressed by each ministry are far greater than any needs expressed in years gone by. The needs range any where from a laptop to repairs and remodels to the need to expand. One of the ministries, has had to turn away 20 children this year because they have no place to put them. They are aware of children in the area in desperate situations, but they have no way to help.

WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! That's what the Green Bean Project is all about. Below are two ways you can give using Paypal.

Our Jerusalem

Our Judea and Samaria —

The Uttermost Parts of the Earth —

How to Give

The Green Bean Match - $1.15

The Green Bean Match ($1.15) came about during the first Green Bean Project when the contents of a green, bean-shaped coin purse were donated to the project. Often, groups will make multiple Green Bean Matches (one for each member of the group or family). While this may seem a small investment, it adds up!

Other Amounts

The second option is "Other Amounts." Perhaps the Lord has put a specific amount on your heart or an amount has come in through a love offering at your church. This amount can be added manually here.
You can also send checks to:
Forbid Them Not Ministries
PO Box 80993
Billings, MT 59108

For more information, don't hesitate to call us at 406-208-7332 or email at [email protected]

How It All Began - The Original Green Bean Project Video